Lagoona Mall FIFA Arab Cup Campaign

One Year Football Campaign launched at Lagoona Mall, Qatar

CELS Events delivered a wonderful kick off ceremony to kick start the football campaign at Lagoona Mall that will see football, seasonal and shopping related events and experiences throughout the next year!

The launch event located in front of the homegrown Fifty one East brand was the first in a series of activities that celebrate the first ever FIFA Arab Cup, which will create a unique, innovative, and memorable shopping experience for everyone.

The FIFA Arab Cup 1 month long campaign includes an amazing outdoor area, incorporating a big screen and grandstand to watch the games that is built around the existing fountain! The event will be something people will talk about! 

The event will breathe new life into the piazza, sprucing up the existing architecture, creating opportunities for conversions where the retailers will be seen, engaged and activate various tactical campaigns.

With many things happening across the calendar – including all things football, stop by Lagoona Mall to experience the most social place to be – fun, art, food, lifestyle, friends and more!

We look forward to adding our value and transforming Lagoona Mall into the ultimate Favourite Meeting Place in 2022.


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