Playful Engagement



They are always magic, and we always make them real.

We pursue people’s sense of wonder, bringing meaningful memories to any venue, a place to meet, a chance to learn, a keepsake of happiness.

CELS Group harnesses an international network of retail and marketing experts, renowned for developing customer engagement strategies. Our role serves to create powerful social experiences through a full range of services and customised solutions that optimize the customer journey and humanize your brand to provide deep and meaningful purchase experiences.

We are Entertainment Architects:

Passionate Authors, Dreamers, Fairytale & Magic makers, all sparking bespoke creative ideas.

This is where we nurture the imagination and conceptualise unique visions.

From concept to delivery, our exceptional team takes care of every detail of your bespoke event.

We are committed to imagining, building and performing breathtaking experiences to make people dream.

This is how we capture the audiences and bring them together creating Favourite Meeting Places.

We make your vision come true. We create favorite meeting places that are unparalleled and unforgettable through immersive experience . We turn places into destinations – something people will talk about.